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What to Expect

Optage Senior Dining Choices is more than meals delivered to your home. You create your own nutritious dining experience and we provide a complete service to meet your needs and preferences. Ordering for yourself or for another supports the choice to live independently at home by offering a reliable way to provide nutrition daily.

Delicious Dining

Choose from over 65 delicious entrees including beef, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetarian options, featuring complementary side dishes. Every full meal includes a beverage, fruit, and dinner roll.

Nutritious Meals

Enjoyed daily, our meals provide one third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of all major nutrients according to the guidelines of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Science. Most entrees are diabetic-friendly and meet these established senior nutritional components when included in your diet:

  • • 1 serving of protein
  • • 2 servings of vegetable
  • • 1 serving of starch
  • • Less than 30% calories from fat
  • • Less than 800 mg sodium

Personalized Choices

Choose each day what you wish to eat and enjoy from among the meals already stored in your refrigerator or freezer. If you require a modified diet, we offer:

  • • Gluten Friendly
  • • Vegetarian
  • • Calorie controlled
  • • Easy-to-chew and swallow (puree)
  • • Sodium controlled

Convenient Service

Senior Dining Choices offers more than just delivery to you door. With our meals, we bring you -

  • • Friendly service
  • • Reliable staff
  • • Weekly delivery
  • • Personal assistance

Helpful Support

The staff and volunteers of Senior Dining Choices also provide personal attention and a weekly check-in that includes assistance with storing the meals, and instructions to open and heat your meals. Volunteers and staff provide important social contact to you. If there is a concern for your health, safety or well being, the staff and volunteers of Senior Dining Choices will notify Optage Home Care to arrange for follow-up.

As a participant in Optage Senior Dining Choices, you become part of the Presbyterian Homes & Services family. So if your needs change, you have the added benefit of coordinated care with other Optage bridging options. You also have priority access to other Presbyterian Homes & Services living and care options, based on availability.

"I thank you all for the amazing, beautiful food and my driver is just fantastic."


"Love, love, love it! Great food, the gals are terrific. Best decision I ever made."