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Optage House Calls provides comprehensive primary care services to older adults within many of our senior living communities for residents in assisted living, memory care, or our care centers.. We develop an individualized plan of care that is continuously updated. We pay attention to details, provide timely visits, and anticipate needs. House Calls ensures you receive the care and attention you deserve. The House Calls team assesses your needs in order to identify what is necessary to maintain the highest possible level of comfort and independence. Services may include:

Primary care visits

Including comprehensive examinations and assessments, routine health and preventive care assessments, medication reviews and guidance, post-hospitalization and post-skilled care center visits and visits to evaluate health changes.

Scheduling for health screenings

Including mammograms, cholesterol checks, colonoscopies and other diagnostic and evaluative procedures.

Recommendations for supportive services

Such as physical, occupational and speech therapies, home care and transportation assistance.

Social and psychological services

Assessment and counseling by a licensed social worker or gerontological psychologist with a focus on personal development, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, interpersonal communications and strengthened social skills; spiritual care services through a chaplain, as requested or required.

Dementia assessments

Focused on determining cognizance and functional capacity, recognizing physical, emotional and psychological cues and identifying levels of pain.

Referrals to ancillary services and specialty services

Such as audiology, optometry, podiatry, and dental care.

Oversight of home health, hospice, and other care plans

Developing and/or revising care plans, ordering services, reviewing of reports or related laboratory results, maintaining communication with other health care providers and monitoring therapy plans.


Annual flu shots, boosters for tetanus as needed.

Safety/Home evaluation

With possible recommendations for appropriate adaptations to your home such as grab bars, hand rails, flooring materials and emergency alert systems.

Hospital services at facility of choice

Ensuring smooth transfer of care both on admission and discharge with follow-up for special instructions and treatments.

Health care directive discussion and planning

Discussing your wishes with loved ones and preparing an Advanced Health Care Directive to ensure that decisions regarding your future medical care will reflect your own values and desires.