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Grief Support

As Presbyterian Homes & Services' own hospice provider, Optage Hospice offers faith-based, dementia-sensitive support and education across our sites for residents, families and staff, as well as to the broader community.

Join us for:

  • Forward with Grief: Monthly grief group offered at select PHS sites
  • Family Connections: Grief Support for families at select PHS sites
  • Optage Family Connections: Support for caregivers and those grieving a loss

Special events:

  • The Caregivers' Book Club: Loving Someone Who Has Dementia by Pauline Boss
  • Grief Movie Nights: Watch a movie with others and take a moment to reflect
  • Grief & The Holidays: Create a living ornament and gain tools to cope

"Nothing heals a human heart more than being with someone who is experiencing something similar. It can help both ways: the person facing fresh grief can be encouraged by one who has been there before, and the experienced griever grows by supporting another. Helping others is the key to mental health." - Campus Pastor Todd Luken, Johanna Shores

"In our group, something magical happened. We connected on a different level, learned stories about each other and the person we're each caring for, and talked about our shared caregiving path, through all the joy and anguish that entails. Caregiving can be so isolating. This group helped me to know that I was not alone." - Anne Mickelson, Boutwells Family Connections

"When I first inquired about attending the grief group, the facilitator asked me what I was looking for. I said, 'I am looking for somewhere to belong.' That is what the group has given me…a place to belong." - Kathy Meloch, Waverly Gardens

If you'd like to connect with a grief group or have other bereavement needs, call us at 651-746-8200.