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Things We Should Know: Life with Hospice Care

By Stacy Sola, Marketing Manager for Optage

A wise man once told me, “I now know that I started hospice to live.” This gentleman explained to me that choosing hospice care was not an easy decision. He felt like he was giving up and starting the last chapter of his life. He was terribly depressed and said, “This is not how I thought it would be.”

He was suffering from congestive heart failure and cancer and was experiencing severe pain and discomfort. At the age of 93 he knew that fighting the disease through treatment was more than his body could handle.

With the support of his family and friends he chose hospice care. When he first started care he shared that he was so very anxious, not knowing if the journey to heaven would begin today or tomorrow. He told me that often wondered, “Will this be the last time I will say good bye to my grandchildren?”

He paused then continued, “But you know, I was so very wrong in my perception of hospice and what my life would be like with hospice care. I now know I started hospice care to live, not to die; but to live out my life pain free in peace, comfort, and happiness. The support from the hospice team is so wonderful and with their help each day I feel better and better. I now have the strength and energy to meet with friends and visit family. I am no longer fearful and depressed. Life is good, I am so very blessed.”