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What to Expect

Inviting assistance into your home is a very personal decision. Optage In-home Care provides the assurance you need that you have chosen wisely.

Immediate Response

You can contact Optage 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. You can expect the Care Counselor to listen to you and assess how Optage can provide the services you need and prefer.

First Visit

After choosing Optage as your home care provider, a case manager will make an initial visit within 24-48 hrs. A team of caring professionals will be assigned to you based on your specific needs.

Regular Communication

We will be in contact regarding scheduling needs and changes so you will know when to expect a visit.


Optage staff will call you ahead of a scheduled appointment to confirm and remind you of their arrival. All Optage care providers will come to your door wearing identification.


Optage staff members are carefully screened and we hold them to the utmost standards. All are appropriately licensed for their area of service and have passed a background check and drug test. We match skills to your needs and preferences.


We offer flexible scheduling. There are no standard shifts. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Changes of Service

Your care plan may be revised at any time by request to your care coordinator. Members of the care giving team will also communicate with the care coordinator when they feel the care plan needs to be adjusted. Also, after a significant change in condition such as a hospital stay, the care plan may need to be revised. Or, when your health improves, less service may be needed.

Making the Decision

Optage recognizes that making the decision for home care is sometimes complex. We would love to explore this decision with you today!